Elite singles vs Millionaire Match: Which rich men dating site is better?

Why date rich men? Simply put, you know what you’re worth — and you know that rich men can give you the treatment you deserve. You are too interesting, too pretty, too unique to settle for anything less than the absolute best. If a man can’t give you the attention, the experiences, and even the respect that you deserve, why are you giving him your time? A rich man can treat you like royalty — and you know you deserve it.

But how can you find a rich man? You can’t just walk into the Porsche dealership and start interviewing customers, or head to the nearest investment bank and wait for a handsome executive to notice you. In today’s world, the best way to meet the rich man of your dreams is to find them on a niche dating website. This is no Plenty of Fish or Tinder; these websites cater to wealthy clients who are seeking your companionship. Today, we’re comparing Elite Singles and Millionaire Match so you can decide which rich men dating site is best for you.

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Elite Singles

Elite Singles is a dating website that caters to people who are educated, professional, and looking for love. Like many modern dating sites, Elite Singles has users begin by completing a personality profile. This profile is surprisingly in-depth: while some sketchier dating sites are just interested in your age, gender, and location, Elite Singles asks probing and in-depth questions to really get a feel for who you are and what you want and need in a relationship. Elite Singles also sorts users to ensure that you match with someone who has a similar education and income level as you.

Elite Singles: The Pros:
● The Algorithm. Elite Singles has a well-developed algorithm that asks meaningful questions to help figure out who is compatible with who.
● Accounts are Vetted. Internet dating can be a cesspool of shady characters. While Elite Singles does offer free profiles, the functionality of free profiles is limited enough that users who want a good experience will need to pay for it. That keeps the scammers, catfishers, and liars off the website and out of the dating pool.
● Targeted for Serious Users. Elite Singles is designed for those who want to find a love that will last. You won’t find men looking for a hookup or trying to get nudes on Elite Singles — people here are looking for a relationship, not a fling.

Elite Singles: The Cons:
● Poor Reviews. Many users have reported suboptimal experiences with Elite Singles. There are a lot of one-star reviews out there, and while some of those are likely just people being salty, many of these reviewers have concrete reasons for their low opinion of Elite Singles.
● Matches Come to You. Rather than letting you scroll through an endless database of single men, the matchmaking algorithm sends you a curated assortment of likely matches every day. However, many users find this experience to be slow, cumbersome, and frustrating.
● Missing Some Features. Many apps allow in-app video calling so you can connect with your matches before committing to a date or exchanging personal contact information. Elite Singles has declined to introduce this functionality, so your opportunities to get to know your potential matches are a little more limited.
● No Income Floor. This means that anybody can sign up for Elite Singles, whether or not they are rich. If you’re looking to date rich men, this is a critical feature that is missing from Elite Singles.

Millionaire Match

Perhaps one of the best rich men dating sites on the internet is MillionaireMatch.com. As one might expect with such a name, Millionaire Match is designed to connect legitimate millionaires — executives, company owners, athletes, actors, heirs, and the like — with fellow millionaires and their admirers.

Millionaire Match: The Pros:
● Certified Millionaire Badges. While many online dating sites might not verify income for people claiming to be wealthy, Millionaire Match can actually verify that the users you are interacting with are bona fide millionaires. Users who wish to obtain the badge must submit income verification proving that they make more than $200,000 annually, and must also verify that they have more than $1 million in their bank accounts.
● Track Record of Legitimate Millionaires. If you doubt that prominent and wealthy people use Millionaire Match, remember that Charlie Sheen was found to be a user in the late 00’s. The site has also been recommended by Millionaire-friendly publications like the Wall Street Journal and Forbes.
● Member Profiles Vetted. To avoid spam, fraud, and abuse, Millionaire Match has human beings vet each individual profile. This keeps you safe and helps keep the quality of the matches on Millionaire Match high.

Millionaire Match: The Cons:
● Membership is Expensive. There is a free option, but features are fairly limited: you won’t be able to reply to messages, for example. A one-month membership will set you back $70; a six-month membership is a better deal, at $270.
● No Video Chat Feature. With modern technology being what it is, it’s pretty easy for dating sites to integrate video chat into their applications. The lack of video chat capabilities is especially difficult considering the cost to unlock the full features of Millionaire Match.
● Some Fake Profiles Slip Through. Despite the best intentions of the Millionaire Match masterminds, a few fake accounts have slipped through from time to time. Just like anything else on the internet, one should be cautious.

Elite Singles vs. Millionaire Match: The Verdict

While both Elite Singles and Millionaire Match offer users a premium dating experience designed to find moneyed partners, neither site is a perfect tool. However, when we weigh the pros and the cons of these two rich men dating sites, we think that Millionaire Match out on top. Elite Singles advertises a lot of nice features, but user reviews suggest that the app leaves much to be desired. Millionaire Match offers a solid track record of real-life millionaires using the app, and will certify real millionaires who have verified their means. Users can also share their luxuries or even send hand-written love letters through Millionaire Match. When you’re seeking a meaningful relationship with a man of wealth and taste, Millionaire Match is the better tool to use.

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